Some of the Most Beautiful Chinese Gardens

Gardening is hobby which has been popular in all cultures, for thousands of years. For some gardening is not just gardening, it is the way to express feelings and thoughts, it is some kind of art.

garden_in_china1_thumb []
Many of Asian cultures are known as those who give a lot of attention to plants. Unlike in western countries, eastern cultures still use to involve the plants pretty much in their life.
garden_in_china2_thumb []
We have already seen a plenty of beautiful gardens from all over the world but here you will see a few of pretty unusual and beautifully maintained gardens from China, where the plants are very important part of everyday life.
garden_in_china3_thumb []
garden_in_china4_thumb []
garden_in_china5_thumb []
garden_in_china6_thumb []
garden_in_china7_thumb []
garden_in_china8_thumb []
garden_in_china_thumb []


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