A quascape water garden

Create a lush paradise right in your own backyard with our custom designed water gardens featuring ponds, streams, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls and lush landscaping. Enjoy countless hours listening to the peaceful sounds of water cascading over your own waterfall and running through a rock-strewn stream. Or watching exotic koi and other colorful fish swimming peacefully in your pond. All of our water gardens are one of a kind…custom designed and expertly installed just for you. Paradise Pond 3638Virginia Water Gardens is family owned and operated. Our retail store is located at 308 Cambridge Street (Route 1) just 7/10 of a mile North of Route 17.
Stop by and stroll through our beautifully landscaped pond displays and enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature and water trickling down a stream, cascading over a waterfall, or spilling softly over a fountain. Relax, take your time, sit by our ponds, and as the koi and goldfish swim by, imagine the possibilities for your own yard. We can guide you in selecting the right plants and water garden features to create a personal environment you can enjoy.

We offer it all: from in-house design to complete installation. Our professional, helpful team will assist the customers who like to do-it-yourself; come to your home for consultations; or design and install it for you.
We offer a complete line of pond kits, pumps, tubing, liner, spitters and many other items to help you install your own water garden or water feature.
Virginia Water Gardens

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