Beautiful bedroom, and an inspirational design firm

Now that many of the big decisions on the house are behind me (although not all…still working on cabinet hardware), I am once again turning to the beautiful and inspirational interiors that originally inspired me to begin this blog.  When looking through my flickr files of bedroom pictures for headboard ideas for one of my daughters, I came across this lovely bedroom.  There is something about this room that really speaks to me.  It reminds me of a painting, with the splashes of chartreuse expertly woven through the room. It makes me wonder which element was chosen first – which item inspired the color scheme of the room? My guess is the rug.  The color is repeated in the curtains, the pillows on the bed, the monogram on the headboard, the art on the wall, and even in the stems of the lilies that are placed on the bedside table.  Clearly there is a trained, experienced, and artistic eye behind the design.

My notes indicated that Birmingham based Caldwell Flake Interiors created this room, so I decided to check out their website.  What I found was a visual treat – dozens of beautifully photographed, incredible interiors that embody the ‘new traditional’ look that I have come to love so much – traditional elements, mixed with transitional elements, carefully thought out details, clean lines and a neutral palette occasionally punctuated with bursts of color and pattern. 

Here is a small sampling of my favorite pictures from the Caldwell Flake portfolio:

I love that round table, and the mercury glass balls on the table are fantastic.  What keeps those balls from rolling off the table, I wonder?

The composition of this room is amazing – again, it reminds me of a piece of art, with the perfect balance of scale and proportion, lights and darks.

Although I don’t tend to be a color and pattern person, this bedroom scene caught my eye. I love how the headboard appears to use picture frame molding to border the fabric.

One of my favorite furniture arrangements in a living room – two sofas facing each other, centered on a fireplace.  This is an elegant space, yet the furniture pieces have a relaxed element to them.

To see more of this incredible design firm’s work, please visit the Caldwell Flake website:

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