Warm Inviting Apartment Interior Decor : New Concept of Modern Apartment Design

This stylish apartment interior decoration by OOOOX architect is a lesson for modern apartment design. It is clean and smooth with inviting warm ambience due to the appearance of natural material :American walnut wood.
I’m falling love with this one definitely. I love the way of using wooden element which wrapped the living area into more spacious and relaxing. This apartment interior use American walnut wood as to decorate at almost the room. The living area that run on white interior décor also dressed with wooden element. The simply home office also decorated with wood as flooring and wall paneling. The staircase, kitchen, even bedroom, all of them inviting due to this material. Un finish bathroom design in raw concrete finding its modern beautiful environment. Get more ideas by visiting OOOOX architect.

modern interior apartment hanspaulkamodern interior apartment hanspaulka
apartment interior design ooooxapartment interior design oooox
interior apartment modern ultrainterior apartment modern ultra
apartment interior living roomapartment interior living room
apartment interior working spaceapartment interior working space
ultra modern apartment interior dining roomultra modern apartment interior dining room
modern minimalist kitchen apartmentmodern minimalist kitchen apartment
clean white bedroom interiorclean white bedroom interior
contemporary bathroom apartmentcontemporary bathroom apartment

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