Stunning Villa in Mallorca with Amazing Ocean View

Dawn Poolside 510x384
This stunning villas come with luxury and price is pretty high, comes with beautiful views on all sides making it difficult to reject an offer visitors of this Villa. Designed by architect Julia Palmer, located on Mallorca and has a stunning 180 degree views of the ocean is impressive. These villas are built on land that receives a lot of natural sunlight, equipped with French windows that add to the charm of the inside and outside the Villa. Using contemporary neutral color scheme that gives the impression of wonderful artwork, the furniture in the Villa arranged neatly made this peaceful resting place. The extensive and fresh gardens also complement the comfort of villa that located in Mallorca. With temperatures regularly, This stunning villa with amazing ocean view to be the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Take look..
Tableset pool 510x384
  Upstairs Living Space 510x384Room with a Sea View 510x340Master Bedroom 510x384Mallorca Villa 510x384Living Space1 510x384Guest Living space 510x676Guest Bedroom 510x676Guest Bed 510x384color themed room 510x676Chic Living Space1 510x384bedside with lamp 510x554bedroom furnishings 510x340bedroom 510x384bathroom in the villa

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