Driveway Garden idea by Jeni Webber

We may confuse a garden at home, where we have to create the garden? imagine if there is no garden, feel stuffy, do not feel fresh and cool ..
Creative Landscape Designs architect Jeni Webber, making a smart idea to create a garden on Driveway, Driveway? may seem strange …
He created an unexpected place garden, replaced this Palo Alto home’s solid driveway with two strips of concrete, leaving space for a tiny garden in the middle.
After the solid driveway of this Palo Alto property was replaced with twin ribbons of concrete, landscape architect Jeni Webber planted the new median strip with low-growing echeverias, dwarf daffodils, sedums, and creeping thyme that cars can still drive over (a garage lies at the rear).

Driveway Garden  Driveway Garden idea by Jeni Webber


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