How to Clean Bathroom Marble Tiles

Marble tiles add an attractive appeal to bathroom floor and shower enclosure areas, creating an elegant bathing experience. As with any other type of bathroom surface, you must clean regularly to remove soap scum, dirt and other buildup that develops quickly in bathroom areas. Combining a few inexpensive cleaning ingredients and tools allows you to keep the marble tiles in your bathroom looking new.



    • 1
      Wipe the tile with a damp mop or cloth each week to get rid of light dust buildup.
    • 2
      Spray a stone soap safe for marble surfaces onto the bathroom tile and wipe again with the damp mop or cloth.
    • 3
      Mix one gallon of water with one tsp. of dish soap. Dip your mop or cloth into the water, wring the cloth or mop out and wipe over the marble tile. This removes tough soap scum.
    • 4
      Rinse the mop or cloth with clear water, again wring out, and wipe over the marble tiles to get rid of soap residue.
    • 5
      Dry the tiles with a clean cloth.
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