Enjoying the Natural Feast of Peterhof Garden, Russia

Peterhof garden or the Peterhof Palace has another name that is Petrodvorets and is commonly known throughout Russia by it. If you are visiting Saint Petersburg then this fascinating sight cannot be missed at any cost; it surely counts as the one of the most beautiful gardens found in the entire Russia. The historic Russian city of Saint Petersburg has a lot to offer including several masterpieces, architectural power, and of course the Peterhof Garden itself to give an idea about Russia’s beauty and royal power.

Peterhof Palace covers a very large area where several palace buildings are close by and many outstanding gardens surround them. This huge complex was built by the orders of Peter the Great. Peter actually got the Peterhof Palace built as a residence where he can enjoy summers and today it is one of the greatest landmarks in the entire Russia.
Peterhof Garden or Palace today gets counted as a museum where people can experience beauty, culture, interesting info, and find a lot to learn. This former residence of Peter the Great where he used to spend his summers is now used for museum exhibitions; it is happening since 1918 till today. Russian Federation counted Peterhof Palace as one its valuable objects in the year of 1992 and it also got listed by the UNESCO World Heritage. Art history exhibitions and regular art exhibitions are commonly held at Peterhof Garden; there are over 500 paintings in the palace buildings and over a hundred sculptures to get inspired from. A lot of other art objects, tapestries, and authentic furniture is also displayed to the tourists and local visitors.
It was the year 1700 when the actual construction for the ship port where people sailed from the island of Kotlin began; the park and the palace was also underway alongside. There are simply several marvelous fountains found in Peterhof Garden and this is the reason why it is also commonly known as the World Capital of Fountains; Russian Versailles is yet another name used for referring to Peterhof Palace. Peterhof Garden and its parks are the main attraction that easily ends up pulling the tourists like a magnet. Thousands of people visit Peterhof Palace on monthly basis as this is a place that can be said as a heaven on earth.
When you visit Peterhof Palace, The Samson Fountain and the Grand Cascade cannot be missed. The Grand Cascade is a place from where you can see the overall beauty of this pretty place at its peak; the entire palace can be viewed from here. The Samson Fountain is the main fountain that is located in the centre of Peterhof Palace and surely is a masterpiece of all time; it is most beautiful fountain among all the sixteen there are.
So during your next vacation or a trip to Russian; mark Saint Petersburg as your must destiny to visit Peterhof Palace and enjoy its utmost beauty. I am sure you would not be able to make up your mind to leave that amazing piece of land.


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