Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens Ideas Pictures and Design

A raised bed vegetable garden, flower or herb garden is a garden that is built up on the floor. It can be through a wall (wood, stone, brick, etc.) or it could just a few inches high above Earth are limited piled on the floor. The raised beds can be any shape or long to be, but you should see the situation, the whole bed, accessible from the sides without reinforcement in the garden bed. The soil in the beds may be some of your home or consisting of imported soil or compost. The vegetables are much closer together than in the traditional row garden, intensive gardening and give a bigger crop planted in a smaller area – making a raised vegetable garden is the ideal choice for a small garden.

The benefits of a raised bed vegetable garden

# Ideal for a small space – a raised bed vegetable garden you can grow your plants closer together to hold a minimum of wasted space. This results in a greater harvest results in a smaller area. So, if you only have room for a small vegetable garden, a raised bed is an ideal choice for you.

# Less weeding – Another advantage of the closer planting is that less light is transmitted and begin to less space for weeds, which makes the task of weed control.

# Reduced water loss from the soil – again because of the improved system

# Control the soil in your garden – a raised bed vegetable garden can be a great advantage if your poor soil. As you build the extra floor above the ground, it will not matter if your soil is too rocky, too sandy to clay, acid or simply bad. It is the soil in your raised beds counts. This means you can even build a raised garden bed on a concrete slab or on your terrace!

# Extended growing season – the increased beds warm up earlier in the spring to your seedlings a head start.

# Gardening can be divided into smaller segments – you do not have to weed the whole garden, but a bed. Or your kids could be responsible for each one bed.

# Soil compaction is reduced – the beds are narrow enough to pour all parts of the bed without the need to achieve in your garden for planting step weed and harvest.

# A raised bed can be facilitated by on his back – an advantage for gardeners with arthritis or for older gardeners, and if it addressed at the appropriate level, they can also be accessible for people in wheelchairs.

# It is relatively easy to establish a framework for a flexible PVC pipe to a garden bed, can increase you or translucent plastic with a greenhouse effect to create more space for your growing season to prevent a credit to control pests or to extend Get create add your vegetables (these birds only my love strawberries!).

# Watering is more efficient – you only need the water, and do not grow the plants and the spaces between your rows of vegetables.

Important things to consider in your raised bed vegetable garden design

Special attention must, where are your raised bed vegetable garden. As with all gardens, raised vegetable garden, you should be in a position to get at least 6-8 hours sun per day.

Each garden bed should be no wider than 3 or 4 feet (0,9 to 1,2 m) in the middle so that you can reach both sides. If you only access the bed from one side (if you next to a wall or fence is to say building) the bed was only about 2 m (0.6 m) wide. The length does not really matter, but you probably do not want the bed too long, because you do not want to be making a long journey, but only to the other side of the garden bed. The best depth for the raised bed is about 6-12 inches (15-30 cm), but if you want a chair in the garden, a height of 2-3 feet (.6 -. 9 m) could be better. If you build your raised bed garden on a hard surface like a patio or a concrete slab, you are better off with a maximum depth of 12 inches (30cm).

The paths between the raised beds should be wide enough to work in a comfortable – at least 2 feet (0.6 meters) wide, preferably 3 feet (0.9 m). Need room for a wheelbarrow? A wheelchair? A lawn mower? Two people walking side by side? Tracks can (with bricks, stones or tiles) or mulch (gravel, leaves or straw mulch) or covered with a living roof (such as grass, chamomile and wild thyme). If you pave your way your way with a width that does not require too much cutting of the stones. (For example: Do not make the road 4 ½ bricks wide. Instead of five tiles wide (or four blocks wide), else you will see many stones in the middle.)

A great way to increase revenue per square meter is the use of a tower, fences, fence, plant a kind of cage for your support and great Vining plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers and sugar snaps. They can take place less space on the ground is. Growth means that the plants dry out quicker vertically, which can be an advantage in the prevention of fungal diseases, but may also mean that the fruit will be more water.

Sample Layout for Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Design

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Layout rectangularRaised Bed Vegetable Garden Layout pond in the middle

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens Ideas Pictures

Raised Bed Vegetabable garden Pictures with cacarot
Raised Bed Vegetable garden Pictures ideas
Raised Bed Vegetable garden Pictures
Raised Bed Vegetable garden design Pictures ideas
Raised Bed Vegetable garden design Pictures ideas with diy greenhouses



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