Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small Bathroom Interior Design
Small space is what many urban people face when they want to build their desired home. But it shouldn’t be a problem if they know the ways to maximize that small space. The majority of houses in urban areas only have small bathroom. However, with the touch of contemporary small bathroom design, small bathroom can have an interesting look. Designing bathroom that only has small space is common things for interior designers who focus on contemporary design.
Bathroom Mirrors Interior Design
Actually, home owners like you and me can create a design for our small bathroom. The main consideration on small bathroom interior design is to use every single centimeter that we have in our bathroom. Utilizing closet bathroom suites is one of the ways to save the small space. Choose basin and toilet with wedge shape because this shape can fit in the corner. Since the space is quite limited, it is impossible to have bathtub. Therefore the only possible choice is to use shower.
Small Bathroom Interior Decorating
Besides it can save much of the space, shower gives modern and stylish touch to the small bathroom design. The type of shower to use depends on the space that you have. However, if your family need bathtub, you can buy bathtub that is smaller than standard bathtub

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