How to Make Glass Marbles

Playing marbles has always been a fun pastime for people of all ages. The beautiful colors and designs are both aesthetically pleasing and creative. What could be more fun than creating one’s own glass marbles to use in their game? A sense of pride and skill goes in to making these tiny masterpieces. One must have patience and a great deal of unique resources for their project.
In order to make marbles, one will need a Mapp Gas burner, a glass rod that measures in-between four and six millimeters in diameter, a circular mould, a punty, and a few thick ceramic fiber blankets. All of these components are essential to the creation of one’s marbles. When handling any type of hardware, it is important to practice proper safety procedures. When creating one’s marbles, one should be equipped with the proper protective gear, such as safety goggles and heat-resistant gloves.
First, one should heat the end of their clear glass rod. Once this is done, one can add colored-glass rods of one’s own choice. As the colors swirl together, they can be directed into a circular mould to give them their shape. One can do this by twirling the rod of the mould in their fingers. This creates a flawless-looking circular shape. One must be careful not to keep the orange part of the flame during this process. Glass can easily burn and will become unmanageable for this type project. In some extreme cases, the glass will actually glow and drip like candle wax. This is not the type of result one wants for their glass marbles.
Once one is able to gather enough workable glass, a punty can be attached. A punty is a a metal rod that is used to shape glass while keeping the worker safe and away from the heat. It is also sometimes referred to as a pontil. They can be found in most ceramics stores or creative supply online retailers. One should attach the punty to the opposite side of the glass rod. Once attached, one can twist the punty while pulling the glass at the same time. This creates a cooler and more flexible glass that can easily be reshaped. After removing the punty, one can reshape the marble back to its original round shape.
The marble should be reattached to the punty to check the temperature. The punty should be a deep glowing red and the marble should glow orange when heat is applied. Once it is proven that the marble is cooler than the punty, it may be removed by giving the punty a hearty tap, causing the marble to fall off and be placed back into the mould.
Lastly, the marble should be placed into a ceramic fiber blanket for effective cooling. The marble should be left in the blanket for several hours, away from the cooler room temperature air. By exposing the marble to the cooler air, they are prone to cracking and wear. One wants to make sure that the marble is fully cooled before even peeking into the blanket to see their results.
One can repeat these steps as many times as they would like to create their own set of beautiful glass marbles. Over time, one will perfect their skill and create beautiful tiny masterpieces with their newly found skill!


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