Why Not Tile a Marble Bathroom?

Few materials can compare with the beauty and elegance of marble. This ornate stone can be used all over your home to create a sophisticated look. However, many people hesitate to use marble tiling and countertops in their bathrooms.
Cleaning and caring for marble bathrooms isn’t as tedious as you may think. In this article, we’ll flush out the truth about cleaning bathrooms made of this stone and how you can use it to increase the value of your home.
Marble tiling is the perfect choice for a formal master bath floor and wall. Since this is a natural product taken from the earth, there is very little control in veining and color variation. There are countless designs, colors, surface textures, tile patterns, and edge details available.
There are also more affordable faux marble tiles and countertops available as well. The stone is available in a variety of color variations such as whites, black, yellows, reds, creamy neutrals, subtle earth tones, greens, tawny browns, and even scarlet reds, and will be either clouded or veined. The colors of marble can be combined with different types of accents, borders and patterns to produce a dramatic effect to your master suite bath.
The cost to remodel bathroom tiles and countertops with marble is significant, so it’s best to search out reputable bathroom contractors to do the installation. Marble is naturally porous, so it’s essential that the proper sealants are used to prevent damage.
Countertops require tile with greater strength and stronger glazes to withstand moisture and staining. While marble is very durable, most natural stone products are prone to cracking, so it’s not a good idea to use marbles in bathrooms that have a lot of traffic or ones regularly used by children.
Cleaning marble bathrooms is surprisingly easy but it does require a regular routine to keep the stone looking rich. Some experts recommend using plain water, but most suggest gently wiping surfaces with a mild cleaning solution.
This should be followed with a clear water rinse to avoid streaks or soapy build-up. Never use harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners or vinegar on a marble surface. Vinegar chemically reacts with the calcium carbonate in the stone, strips the shine, and permanently etches the surface.
The finest spas in the world use marble to create a luxurious environment. You can create a similar experience in your own home. Marble bathrooms are a great home addition investment and you get great value for your money.
It’s beauty is timeless, the stone is very resilient, and it is surprisingly easy to maintain. There really is no reason to fear using marble in your bathroom at home. It will create a space that will have you feeling like you’re living in the lap of luxury.
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