Graffiti artists make ‘beautiful’ tag in Spanish at Homewood’s Pinches Taco

A mural at Pinches Tacos in Homewood proclaims a “beautiful” theme in Spanish. (Special)

The “You are beautiful” graffiti artists’ tags are now bilingual.
Pinches Tacos in Homewood commissioned the anonymous duo to paint a mural on a blank wall inside its restaurant at 300 Hallman Hill East, Suite 109. Along with a giant skull appear the Spanish words “Somos Bellos” — translated as “we are beautiful.”
The skull was painted to be a part of the theme revolving around the Dia de los Muertos (“Day of the Dead”), a Latin American holiday in connection with All Saints Day that celebrates the lives of deceased family members.
Ty Taylor, partner and operator of the California-based restaurant’s Homewood location, said he first approached the artists about three weeks ago by sending them a message on Facebook. He liked the slogan and its message, and wanted to help spread it. Taylor said he wanted to honor the Mexican heritage of Pinches Tacos and of his business partners, who are Mexican-American. He also wanted to bring a positive message to the Latino population in Birmingham.
The artists responded with enthusiasm, and so planning began.
“I told them they have carte blanche with the canvas,” Taylor said. “The only thing I wanted was for them to have their message there.”
Working through the night for the next two weeks on all but two nights, the artists painted the mural. It’s received a response that Taylor said has been “fantastic.”
“The first time I saw it,” he said. “I was just having kind of a rough day and it made me smile.”
Taylor, a native of Homewood who lived in Los Angeles in the acting and restaurant industries for over a decade, said the artists were compensated for their work.
“For us, it was all about getting that message out there and for Homewood to know that it’s a very beautiful community,” he said. “I’m happy to be home.”


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